Pierre Winther

OPEL - Faces Teaser

Pierre Winther does not have many memories from the time before
he began a career in photographing and film-production.
The only thing he remembers is that he wanted to be an illustrator. He wanted to capture reality by drawing it,
but realized his skills were too limited and the method to slow for him.
When you sit down with the fast-talking, energetic storyteller with his vibrating hair underneath a wide-brimmed hat,
you can understand why. He is indeed restless and committed to his craft.

Instead of drawing the world around him, he bought a camera,
went to a library and found a book on how to develop film,
and he went to second-hand shops in Copenhagen to buy old issues of
National Geographic for his pocket money. And with that, his spectacular career took its first steps.

Since then the self-taught photographer has spent the last three decades developing his radical and surreal style.
According to Winther himself the craziest of his projects include
Madonna’s makeup artist styling the monkey dolls from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey,
anaesthetizing a tiger shark in the Great Barrier Reef and a basketball player
hanging in a rope from a helicopter 10 meters above the ground.

His childhood fascination of the spectacular images of wilderness from the pages of National Geographic
is definitely apparent in his famous and award-winning work.