Martin Garde Abildgaard

TOM And His Computer - Organ

Martin is Danish and origins from Copenhagen. His work includes commercials for BMW, Sony, Vans, Koeningsegg and Adidas. Many of his films have won awards and as well as being featured on SHOTS.

In Cannes 2015 Martin picked up an YDA-award for his art film “Hypoxia”. Apart from directing film, Martin works as an artist and has had solo exhibitions in galleries in Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen with his project “America”, which combines 16mm film, still photography, music and fashion.

Before working full time as a director, he worked at various international TV production companies where he developed concepts focused on documentary and factual genres. One of his most well known and award winning concepts is Backtrack, in which ordinary people under hypnosis were taken to their former lives. The concept has been sold to be re-made in seven countries. In 2007 The Danish business newspaper Børsen put Martin on their Top 10 Gold List of most creative talents.